IGF-1 emerges as the replacement for HGH

human growth horomoneWe all knew it would happen sooner or later, a legal replacement for human growth hormone has emerged.  You probably didn’t ever consider that the velvet of deer antlers would be the source of it, however.  Regardless, it is in fact so, and evidence of IGF-1’s positive results is mounting.

IGF-1, the active ingredient in deer antler spray, has found home with everyone from athletes to the elderly. It reportedly has a variety of uses including building muscle mass, recovering from injuries as well as enhancing endurance and stamina.  Even popular figures such as the famous golfer Vijay Singh and the pro football player Ray Lewis have been rumored to have used deer antler extract for its performance enhancing qualities.

Before the emergence of deer antler extract, there was HGH, also known as human growth hormone.  Many had used it responsibly while yielding excellent results.  Unfortunately, its abuse ram rampant in circles thus leading to its banning in the USA and other countries, which eventually led to the rise of IGF-1.

The scientific theory behind it makes sense too, when you consider IGF-1 is short for “insulin-like growth factor”.  Instead of providing the body directly with HGH, it stimulates the systems that produce the hormone naturally making it both effective and within the law, although a handful of professional sports leagues have banned its use.  Even so, professional sports leagues that have tested for its use found it to be both difficult and unreliable.

The fall of HGH made way for IGF-1 to emerge as arguably the best new growth related supplement ingredient.  What do you think?  Is deer antler velvet extract all it’s hyped up to be?